About us

Allied Artists Illustration Agency is a leading UK based professional and experienced Illustration Agency specialising in International Publishing.

We have over 90 international illustrators with a wide range of styles, expertise, skill and above all enthusiasm and professionalism.

We illustrate magazines, picture books, graphic novels, educational books, non fiction, fiction and the absolutely cutest kids novelty books.


Picture Books

These picture books are a collaboration between our illustrators and our writers all of which are available for publication and are shown with an example of the art style for a cover and spread, a short synopsis and specifications.

Most of our authors have previously been published and all our illustrators have considerable experience illustrating children's books.

Children will 'see' things in a Picture Book that adults will miss even time after time of reading. Kids see a different world in a Picture Book which is why as adults we have kept them long after other books have gone.


Writing a Picture Book for children means you have to put yourself in the mind of the child and find something you can both 'feel' and then the illustrator has to 'see that feel'.


Latest news

Showcasing all our illustration..... New Work, New Illustrators and New Ideas

Illustrations by Trista Yen

Trista’s style is very cute and would be perfect for novelty books to add that Ahhhh factor !!!  See more of Tris

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New Work by Lesley DeAth

Lesley has a cute and quirky style which would be great for picture books.  See her new picture book here or more of he

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Observational humour from Maria Soboleva

Whether it’s a take on everyday life or a fun interpretation of a classic story Maria’s work will always bri

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Interesting work by Dorien Brouwers

Realism with a smile is how we like to describe Dorien’s illustrations.  Dorien also writes and can get cuter too

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New work by Ben Pannell

Quirky and very interpretive work by our illustrator Ben Pannell. His style would be great for story and picture books t

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Cute but slightly quirky.

Cute and slightly quirky but full of characterisation each of Ryan’s illustrations tells a little story with a dis

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