We feel a Picture Book is a delicate balance between the words and the illustration.  Too much of one can ruin the effect of the other.  The  words have to inspire the illustrator but the writer also has to hold back to let the illustration work by focusing on what is happening in the story.  Sometimes it is a case of ‘less is more’ but in harmony.

Children will ‘see’  things in a Picture Book that adults will miss even time after time of reading.  Kids see a different world in a Picture Book which is why as adults we have kept them long after other books have gone.

These picture books are available for publication and are shown with an example of the art style for a cover and spread, a short synopsis and specifications.

If a particular story is of interest please email to request the full manuscript and discuss terms.

Most of our authors have previously been published and all our illustrators have considerable experience illustrating children’s books.  Some are written and illustrated by an author/illustrator.

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