I realised having started the blog about 6 months ago I hadn’t actually ever explained what we do or if you have reached or found us what we could in fact do for you !!

So here goes……

I should start by explaining that predominantly we’re an illustrators agent. We call ourselves Allied Artists.  We also get creative by producing novelty Children’s Books which we call Umbrella Books.

When you look at it in more basic terms you can come to us for all your children’s book needs as we can develop an idea, produce and print that idea, illustrate and design that idea and sell that idea.

Also if you’d like to add some kind of pop-up/paper engineering element then we can do that.

As for being paid there are several different ways this would work:-

1. Work for hire

2. Illustration only

3. Development of idea through to finished product

4. Advance fee against royalties

5. Buyout of idea only

6. Any variation of the above.

As a Illustrators Agent we’ve  been around for about 30 years (although we don’t say it out loud !!)

We’ve seen the really good years, not so bad years and presently the downright tough.

We have over 50 fabulous illustrators.  You might think, oh you have to say that but trust me they are. However, right now there is an upsurge in supply of illustration from all over the world and a downturn in the amount of illustration required because of the obvious recession we’re unfortunately in.

Neil Reed

Even though everyone outside of the business keeps saying it’s supposed to be getting better …. we’re not seeing it.  How frustrating is that !!

All our illustrators you can rely on to get the job done, on time, to a high standard and give you some amazing illustration that will be a credit to any book or publication.

As Umbrella Books we’ve been around for about 6 years (so we can shout that out loud !!)

That’s also presently  tough as we sell to publishers and distributors who are very reluctant to make quick decisions.

We specialise in pre-school novelty children’s formats for both generic and license character books.  We have published our own books as well as creating formats for licenses such as Dora the Explorer, Nouky and Pokemon.


We can (as I’ve said above) provide a full service from format, art and design through to supply of finished books for publishers, distributors and direct to retail. We also sell format use for a fee and royalty.

So I hope this helps you.

If you’re an illustrator looking for an agent then we’d be happy to see your samples. If you’re an Art Director / Editor looking for illustration then you’ve come to right place. If you’re a publishing house looking for fresh innovative children’s book formats you’ve also come to right place and if you have just stumbled across us then settle back in your seat and take time to have a look at all the great illustration styles we have and the fresh new children’s book ideas.

This is a place to take time and appreciate the talent of all these creative people. Enjoy !!